Friday, 15 August 2014

Participates in Natural Abundant Meeting

Participates in Natural Abundant Meeting
ne of the best eMErging sexy lingerie online shops, participated in the Natural Abundant Meeting (NAM) held in Dongguan on June 3rd. Many famous sexy lingerie manufacturers from China and other countries are taking part in the products exhibition to show their CLassic and new products.

The theme of NAM thIS year is to propagandize sexual culture and correct sexual morals. Dongguan NAM is the first to set up a special unit for a sexy lingerie exhibition. It will grab many viewers' attention and direcTLy promote lingerie sales.

Sexy lingerie has many styles, such as teddies, garters, and sexy costumes. After watching the exhibition, viewers stated that they like the sexy lingerie, especially the sexy costumes., the online shop, offers a black nurse costume, which is well received by customers. This nurse outfit is the star product of's online shop. Comfortable cut, sexy design and low price make it the hottest product at the NAM market.

As society develops, people pay more and more attention to spiritual pursuits. The increasing popularity of sexy lingerie reflects the growing attention paid to love and health.
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