Monday, 29 September 2014

The 312: Lady emcee Dreezy shines at BET hip-hop award

The 312: Lady emcee Dreezy shines at BET hip-hop awards
Dreezy is a study in extremes. She’s short and tiny, but when she talks, she sounds big. She’s sweet, almost shy, in person, but when she gets on stage or in front of the camera, the swagger is palpable.

Case in point: She’s the only lady in the BET hip-hop awards digital cypher, which released last week and showcases her rapping over beats provided by the legendary DJ Scratch.

These cyphers are one of the most-discussed parts of the hip-hop awards, which air Oct. 14. And given the dearth of females charting in rap, her inclusion in that space is huge. But it’s something to be expected from the same South Side emcee whose lyricism is so swift and substantive that Common asked her to be a featured artist for the song “Hustle Harder” on his latest album, “Nobody’s Smiling.”

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Gorgeous Wonder Woman

Gorgeous Wonder Woman
Featuring bright colors and a fitted shape, this gorgeous Wonder Woman costume is slinky and seductive. The sleeveless dress is stretchy, allowing it to cling to every curve, presenting a complete different and unique image which is sexy and hot of new wonder woman to the party people. Golden trim lines the sweetheart bustline and creates a dynamic belt at the waist, making this whole dress gorgeous and shining. Matching arm cuffs and crown are included with the set and are made of the same metallic, golden fabric, so that means you just have to buy this costume then you could play a sexy and gorgeous in costume party. A red star adorns the center of the bust trim, and a matching star is found on the crown, so you can see that this costume is so dedicated. The bottom of the dress is a bold blue, with white stars. The dress is mini-skirt length and has a slit up one side, showing a sexy peek of upper thigh. So, you can still be hot and sexy while playing the role of wonder women.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Learn How to Make Your Own Spider Dog Halloween Costume

cheap sexy lingerie Wholesale Halloween Costumes Sexy Halloween Costumes OnlineLearn How to Make Your Own Spider Dog Halloween Costume
If your pampered pooch is truly one of the family, making a spider dog costume is an excellent way to include him in the Halloween festivities. Spider dog costumes
also make a fun way to prank your friends, as evidenced by the popular YouTube video from SA Wardega featuring Chica the DogSpider chasing strangers in a furry
homemade spider costume. The video shows Wardega “lifeless” in an elevator with Chico the DogSpider standing over him and a large spider web that appears to have
human limbs stuck in it.
To make your own spider dog costume, you’ll need some black velvet material, a purchased spider decoration, and a dog life vest. Fake fur can also be added to the
legs of the spider for a more realistic touch, if desired. Craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels Crafts are a good place to look for spider decorations to use
for your homemade dog costume. You will want to pick one that is slightly smaller than your dog, since a decoration that is too big will make it hard for your dog to
move. Cover the dog life vest with the black velvet material. Cut off the legs of the spider decoration. Carefully sew them on to the sides of the vest.
If you have a little extra time, you can make your own spider legs for the costume using black felt and polyester fiberfill. Martha Stewart Crafts has templates for
this project. Stitch the pieces together with a knitting needle and use fabric glue for added reinforcement.
If you’re not crafty at all, you can purchase a spider dog costume for your four-legged friend at For a female dog, there’s also a cute green spider dog
dress costume at Poochie Heaven.
Regardless of whether you make your spider dog costume or purchase it from a store, remember to pay close attention to your pooch throughout the night. If the costume
is heavy or it’s very warm on Halloween, your pet might overheat. If your dog is panting excessively or falling behind when you’re trick-or-treating, it’s time to
remove the costume. You should also check to make sure the costume is not too tight by making sure you can get two or three fingers between your dog and any fabric or
tie that goes around him. A costume that is too tight can make it hard for your dog to breath and create a safety hazard by restricting his movement.
Do you dress your pets up for Halloween? If so, what do you think of the spider dog costume idea?
[Photo courtesy of cykocurt via Flickr.]