Monday, 29 September 2014

The 312: Lady emcee Dreezy shines at BET hip-hop award

The 312: Lady emcee Dreezy shines at BET hip-hop awards
Dreezy is a study in extremes. She’s short and tiny, but when she talks, she sounds big. She’s sweet, almost shy, in person, but when she gets on stage or in front of the camera, the swagger is palpable.

Case in point: She’s the only lady in the BET hip-hop awards digital cypher, which released last week and showcases her rapping over beats provided by the legendary DJ Scratch.

These cyphers are one of the most-discussed parts of the hip-hop awards, which air Oct. 14. And given the dearth of females charting in rap, her inclusion in that space is huge. But it’s something to be expected from the same South Side emcee whose lyricism is so swift and substantive that Common asked her to be a featured artist for the song “Hustle Harder” on his latest album, “Nobody’s Smiling.”

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