Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lauren Budd is an example Wholesale Lingerie

Lauren Budd is an example of a model who did not let herself get satisfied with the public attention she received early in her modelling career and now she is about to reap the benefits for staying motivated and focused on improving her modelling.
Lauren Budd looking gorgeous in blue bikini top
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Modelling photos of the beautiful English model have surfaced which show her looking stunning for various clients. However, when some social media fashion observers compare her modelling photos of several months ago or even a year to those of the Summer of 2014 and September 2014 there is a distinct difference noticeable in the eyes of model professionals. Her body like many models has become fitter but her facial expressions and focus that she has shown in her photo shoots has become much more developed.

In one photo that some fashion fans and social media fashion observers have found on the Internet she is wearing a violet 'bodycon' lingerie shapewear outfit and her sensual facial expression brings attention to her beautiful eyes and the makeup that makes them so prominent.
Lauren Budd modelling black lingerie
Lauren Budd modelling black lingerie

As a young model with a fantastic body sometimes she would rely solely on her sensual physique to 'sell' the clothing or keep the attention of viewers but now as a more experienced model she is using her 'total' package to sensational effect.

Fashion fans and some social media fashion observers are very impressed with how she is able to make a one piece lingerie bodycon outfit into a sexy outfit that has led to men discussing her 'emergence' as a model on their social media websites and in conversation throughout the Internet.

Lauren Budd is an English model who is now the total package as a model and who is on the radar screens of social media fashion bloggers both in and out of England.

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